Re: special stains

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Date sent:      	Sun, 7 May 2000 11:04:18 GMT0BST
From:           	"RUSS ALLISON" <>
Subject:        	Re: special stains

> I have never heard of the hot water wash after staining.  Please, 
> somebody tell me about it.
> Also, why only after "special" stains?

 This is a little trick I picked up many years ago when using an old batch 
of Schiffs reagent (whether commercial or home made). Weak staining
 could be improved by washing in hot water, (after the distilled,after the Schiff treatment)
not sure of the chemistry involved but it was certainly effective 
whilst waiting for the new Schiffs to be made and the individual 
responsible for not renewing it in the first place severely beaten.  

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