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I was taught to do this at the North Middlesex Hospital in London, oh so
many years ago.  It was to blue the hematoxylin primarily.  Heat increases
the speed and effectiveness, so a long wash was not necessary.  "We" (the
boss pathologist) did not approve of blueing agents.  I have also used it to
remove gelatin, as already mentioned.

It should not be used for anything else unless the method specifically calls
for it.  For a short while I used to wash Ziehl-Neelsen stains with hot
water after the carbol fuchsin.  I wondered all the time why the AAFBs were
so pale, until I finally clued in.  We heat the slide to increase stain
penetration.  Hot water was doing the same in reverse.

Bryan Llewellyn

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> I have never heard of the hot water wash after staining.  Please,
> somebody tell me about it.
> Also, why only after "special" stains?
> Russ Allison,
> Dental School
> Cardiff
> Wales

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