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There are two (at least--no Monty Python Spanish
Inquisition routines, ok?) other factors involved in
the choice/use of gloves.  First is the fit factor. 
Not all latex gloves fit well--I am constantly cutting
off the finger tips because my hands are relatively
wide for the finger length; I have yet to find nitrile
gloves that fit as well as the latex gloves I now use.
 Second is the "protection" level.  It may be that
nitrile is less permeable to the nasties, but my hands
sweat so badly in nitrile that I break out itching,
even when wearing the disposable cotton glove liners. 
Speaking of which, I see very few mentions of the use
of glove liners as one means of reducing latex/skin
interactions.  I use them primarily for comfort and
cushioning during long rat necropsies, as well as all
large animal studies.  Significantly reduces blister
induction.  Use of the liners also facilitates glove
changes during necropsy--especially with the old
sweaty hand syndrome.  Or is that TMI?  Sorrry.

Roger Moretz
Dept of Toxicology
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

--- wrote:
> The Samurai is right - managers don't want to pay
> for nitrile gloves if they 
> can help it.
> The people who did my environmental monitoring a few
> years ago marked us in 
> "non-compliance" for using latex in the gross room,
> instead of nitrile which 
> they felt to be more formaldehyde resistant.( Now I
> have heard conflicting 
> opinions on that one!!) The slightest hint that we
> might get into safety 
> trouble with the "big guys", and suddenly we have
> nitrile gloves! They are so 
> much more comfortable too. But look at it from the
> manager's side -  money is 
> money and if we don't have enough we're not going to
> give very good care.

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