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From:Karen S Pawlowski <>
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Hi Ray,

I use toulidine blue on glycolmethacrylate and epoxy sections often.  The
routine differs a little, though because the glycol methacrylate sections
are much easier to get to stain.  I remove the stain right after I put it
on the slide, then quick rinse in 3 changes of distilled water, followed
by a 5 second rinse in 70% Ethanol and 1 more rinse in distilled
water.  Let it dry and look at it and if it needs more stain, restain.

Epoxy sections take longer to stain.  I often leave them on the warmer
with a lid over the slide to keep it from drying.

Karen Pawlowski

On Thu, 4 May 2000 wrote:

> Does anyone out there do toluidine blue routinely on their glycol
> methacrylate sections?  Can I employ the very same TB procedure on GMA as I
> use to stain my 1 micron epoxy resin sections.
> Thank you.
> Ray
> Raymond Koelling
> Immunex Corp.

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