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     We do them the same. Toluidine blue in a borate solution, stain on a 
     hot plate for ~30 sec, then rinse with water, add a puddle of water 
     over the sections, and differentiate on the hot plate until the 
     plastic clears. Dry and mount. It works well for us.
     Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP)
     Organogenesis, Inc.

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Subject: glycol methacrylate stain 
Author:  <> at internet
Date:    05/04/2000 1:12 PM

Does anyone out there do toluidine blue routinely on their glycol 
methacrylate sections?  Can I employ the very same TB procedure on GMA as I 
use to stain my 1 micron epoxy resin sections.
Thank you.
Raymond Koelling
Immunex Corp.

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