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Remove as much plastic as possible with a saw or grinder.  Suspend the specimen in liquid MMA, cover tightly, place it on a rotation plate.   Check it every couple of days.  It'll depend on the size you have to deplasticize - but it may take anywhere from 4 days to a month or two.  Change the MMA when it looks like it's getting saturated with melted plastic (thick and gooey).   I don't know if you can get it all out enough to re-embed in Epoxy (I've not done this - maybe some one else has.)  You can use Acetone, instead of MMA monomer.  For the blocks we've deplasticized, we've used both methods with good luck re-embedding in MMA again (not epoxy).

Good luck.
BTW - the methods I've used were  reference from conversations with other great bone people...Katie Combs, Cathy Mayton, and Susan Ryan - Thanks to them!


>>> "Anette Milton" <> - 5/3/2000 7:44 AM >>>
Does anyone have experience removing PMMA from specimens of bone with titanium-implants, because I want  to reembed the specimens in epoxy.


Anette Milton
Ortopaedic Research Laboratory
Aarhus University Hospital
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