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From:Paul Klosen <>
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At 20:21 01/05/00 -0600, Gayle Callis a écrit:
>The Dako peroxidase block does contain hydrogen peroxidase, in fact, 0.03%,
>along with some sodium azide, approx. 0.01M, and is in buffer not methanol.

Looks a lot like the blocking solution published by Li et al. in JHC 35: 
1457-1460 (0.1% sodium azide and 0.3% H2O2 in buffer). Works like a charm.

>Methanol is not advisable for CD markers on frozens, not only did it chew my
>sections off, but murine markers may not work, PBS with H2O2 is better.
>Biogenex and Pharmingen have both indicated this.

Many membrane antigens don't like being dehydrated. You take away the 
membrane lipids necessary for the stabilization of the protein structure.

Just my 2 cents
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