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From:Renee Escalona <>
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The aquatics unit of our lab does a lot of PCR and in situ hybridization on
shrimp and we generally use 70% alcohol as a fixative.  PCR is also done on
other types of animal tissue that we receive in the lab but I'm not sure
about their fixative of choice.  I'm not at work right now so I can't ask
anyone but I can find out tomorrow if you're still interested.

Renee Escalona, BS, HTL(ASCP)
Veterinary Laboratory Technologist
TX Vet Med Diag Lab
College Station, TX

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Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 12:34 PM
Subject: alternative fixatives

> Dear Histonetters,
> Help!
> Does anybody have any suggestions or experiences with using
non-formaldehyde fixatives for better preservation of DNA and RNA for pcr in
tissues that are routinely saved and processed for histology?
> Mark Schrenzel
> Zoological Society of San Diego
> Department of Pathology
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