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From:Amos Brooks <>
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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> Hi, <br>    I agree they are a pain in the butt ... may I add "completely unnecessary as well". Back in the good old days of pen and paper people said who they were with a closing and signature. <br>nostalgically <br><font face="Lucida Handwriting">Amos Brooks</font> <p>RUSS ALLISON wrote: <blockquote TYPE=CITE>I want to thank all those people for their kind advice re viruses. <p>HOWever, my real concern was to tell y'all that I would not be <br>opening attachments (most are a pain in the butt anyway - <br>just"business cards"). <br>The REAL REASON I was doing so was because <p>THE UNIVERSITY COMPUTING CENTRE ISSUED THE <br>WARNING. <br>They do not do that lightly.  It is only the second occasion I can <br>ever remember. <br>They provide our anti- virus software which is regularly updated - as <br>well and as quickly as anyone on this net I guess..  We cannot <br>open up our PCs without that coming in to play. <br>I have been around long enough to have seen most of the BIG <br>scares. <br>Thanks for the advice anyway. <br>Russ <br>p.s.  I wonder if any of those who have their address cards as <br>attachments will look to find out and lose them as a result of these <br>small excahnges.  They really ARE a pain in the BUTT (IMO) <br>Perhaps we do not know we have them? <p>Russ Allison, <br>Dental School <br>Cardiff <br>Wales</blockquote> </html>
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