Re: To steam or to pressure cook??

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Hi Marylou,

The majority of our retrievals are done ina steam veggie cooker.   Occasionally some antibodies need a more "harsh" retrieval done,  e.g.Cyclin D1, and then we use the Decloaker from BioCare......I've never been satisfied using the pressure cookers in microwaves - it just wasn't consistent enough.

Ann Maruska
Fairview-University Med Ctr
Mpls. MN 55454 

>>> Marylou Pohl <> 05/02/00 12:15AM >>>
First there was the microwave and all the fancy H.I.E.R. solutions you
could use to zap those darn cross-links.

Then steamers and now pressure cookers (or do I have it reversed?) - or
even pressure cookers IN microwaves.....I think I'll bring in my grill
from home and see if I can drum up some business with it.

But, I would like to "hear" some discussion on steaming vs. pressure
cooking those poor slides.  Do some antibodies do better with one method
over another?  Do you have all 3 gizzmo's in your lab?


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