Re: Skin problems?

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of Histonet)
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    Histotechnology is not an immaculate science. One could take this to
extremes and say that between sections the waterbath needs to be covered, the
slides need to be sterile and individually wrapped, a new blade must be used
for each block and the microtome decontaminated between each case.
    Not to be the defender of sloppy technique, but yes, occasionally there
will be a few skin cells left on a slide, (hopefully they will be washed off
during staining) there may be some dust floating in the waterbath (even after
skimming it with kim-wipes). Some of these are unavoidable unless extreme
measures are taken. We need to try to minimize them as best as we can, but some
doctors (occasionally) tend to be oversensitive (they are probably bored,
haha). Assuming, of course, that the slides weren't really bad, some
contaminants are almost inevitable. (especially if you are using a slide
Amos Brooks

Linda Jenkins wrote:

> Dear HistoNetter's,
>         Here's a "good" one.  I was told this morning, by a researcher,
> that she could identify 2 out of the four histologist who had sectioned her
> slides by the random epithelial cells scattered over her slides and
> recommended that gloves should probably be worn when sectioning.  For those
> of us who follow the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series of forensic murder mysteries,
> it is no secret that we come equipped with zillions of identifying fibers,
> hairs and cells leading to our capture in case we get up to "no-good"
> deeds.  However, I didn't realize we were leaving our skin cells in the
> water bath.  Is this common knowledge, or have I been working all these
> years with pathologist's who just ignored these tell-tell signs?
>         Very curious,
>         Linda
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