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 We get these requests all the time.  We do have a procedure in place to release foreign bodies to patients who request them involving clearing the release through our risk management department, we clean the object, notify the patient that it is ready for pick up. Then when the patient comes to pick up the item, they must show identification and sign release forms stating that they are taking custody of the foreign body and we file that form with the pathology report for that case.  As for tissues, we do not release tissues to anyone since our specimens are fixed in formalin . We are not allowed to release formalin fixed tissue because of the health concerns and the not knowing where these things would end up.  Hope this helps...


>>> "O'Brien, Sue" <> 05/01/00 08:23PM >>>
Hi! I was wondering what others do when they receive a request for a
specimen to be returned. I realize that there are many levels to this
question. (e.g. are we talking about a gallstone - which we clean, disinfect
and document return; or a placenta - which we release to a funeral home
selected by the patient). I would appreciate input concerning how any
requests you have received were handled, as well as where I may go to find
any guidelines on this issue. Thanks for all your help!
Sue O'Brien
Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital
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fax: 609-463-2747

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