Re: Proliferating cell markers

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From:Heike Grabsch <>
To:"Jill McVee (by way of Histonet)" <>
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Hi Jill,

is there a reason why you do not want to use an antibody against the 
Ki-67 protein? I thinks that there is a clon which works in mouse. In 
general the clone name for a reliable Ki-67 antibody is "MIB", so there 
is MIB1, which works in human paraffin sections, sold by Dianova. I am at 
home at the moment so I cannot look into the Dianova catalog, but I am 
rather sure, there is a MIB clone, which works in mouse. However Ki-67 
is a general proliferation marker, meaning it is only negative if cells 
are in G0-phase, and it is positive in alle phases of the cell cycle, but 
it was published that the staining correlates with anti-BrdU 
There is an excellent review about the Ki-67 protein just published: by 
Scholzen T and Gerdes J: The Ki-67 Protein: from the known and the 
unknown in J Cell Physiol 182:311-322, 2000. You can contact the author 
and ask for a reprint as I did via

I hope this helps,

Dr. Heike Grabsch
Dept of Pathology
University of Duesseldorf

Jill McVee (by way of Histonet) wrote:
> Hi histonetters,
>                  I have a Research Fellow who is in need of your global
> expertise. She would like to know if anyone has a proliferating cell marker
> anti-body
> which they use routinely  in  IC and is reliable. At the moment she is
> using anti-Brdu in mouse neuronal tissue  after in vivo injection but would
> like to change to a less invasive method of detecting proliferating cells.
> So if anybody out there has replaced their Brdu with another method please
> let me know.
> Jill McVee
> Histologist
> St.Andrews Uni
> Fife. Scotland.

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