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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:by way of Histonet <>
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    It may be a different product as Lisa has but for the same basic
reason as
Eileen stated we tried to get a diastase kit from Poly Scientific. At
the bottom
of the protocol it came with it stated, to activate the diastase add
saliva. We gave up and went back to the spitoon. We use this @ 35-40 deg
kind of defeated the purpose eh,
Amos Brooks

ps: if you are using saliva, don't eat a lollipop or drink HiC fruit
juice just
before doing the stain. Yes, I do know from personal experience! Stop

by way of Histonet wrote:

> Dear Eileen,
> We use Poly Scientific's buffer and amylase sets. Unfortunately I am
> currently on maternity leave and I do not have the catalog numbers for you.
> If you have there catalog or if anyone out there can help I'd appreciate it.
> You don't have to use saliva it takes a little longer ,unless you have a
> microwave to speed things up a bit. I hope I helped you.
> Lisa

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