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We use powdered Diastase and phosphate buffer from Rowley Biochemical.  It
works quite well, especially in light of the fact we do so many of them.
Just dissolve 0.1 g of Diastase in 100 ml of the buffer (pH 6.0).  Preheat
to 37 degrees C, and place in the solution for one hour.  Rinse, and proceed
with the PAS reaction.

The catalog numbers are:  Diastase E-340-1, and Phosphate buffer, pH 6.0

Good luck to you!

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> Hello everyone,
> Does anyone have a procedure for Pas Diastase without using saliva.  In
> this day and age of safety i am surprised we still use our own saliva.
> I know Sigma has an Amylase Type IX-A, is anyone familar with using this
> product, or any other type of diastase or amylase.
> Thank you all very much.
> Eileen  Dusek
> Central Dupage Hospital

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