Re: Mayer's hematoxylin and chloral hydrate

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>Hi Tony,
>I read your posting.  I have been making Mayers Hematoxylin including 30%
>glycerol.  Somebody gave me recipe.
>I have a question about the stability of hematoxylin.  In the past, I see
>that staining was weaker with commercial Mayer's hematoxylin.   After two
>years, it took forever for staining slides.   Do you have similar
>experience.   In your recipe, you did not add thymol.  Don't you see growth
>of bug when stored at room temperature?
>> Dear Phyllis,
>> The recipe we use for Mayers Haemalum is as follows:-
>> Haematoxylin                       1g
>> Sodium iodate                      0.2g
>> Potassium alum                    50g
>> Distilled Water                      1 litre
>> Dissolve the haematoxylin in distilled water using gentle heat.Add the
>> Potassium alum and again use heat to dissolve it.When the alum has
>> dissolved and the solution has cooled add the Sodium iodate and shake
>> well.Filter the solution and add 20ml glacial acetic acid.
>> We have been using this recipe for many years without any problems.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Best wishes,
>> Tony Brandwood,
>> Dept. of Veterinary Pathology,
>> University of Liverpool,
>> P.O. Box 147,
>> Liverpool,
>> L69 3BX.
>> England.

Dear James,

I have tried many of the commercial Mayers stains and have not found any to
be as good as the Mayers we make up ourselves. We do not have any problems
with bug growth at room temperature due to the omission of thymol.

Best Wishes,

Tony Brandwood.

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