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From:Susan Q Wells <>
To:Sharon E Willman <>
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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> We fix our large animal eyes in 5% glutaraldehyde 18-24 hours. <br>Wash in running water 3-4 hours ,place in 10% NBF for at least 3 days. <br>Wash eyes 3-4 hours <br>50% EtOH 2-3 hours <br>70% EtOH overnight. <br>The next day place eyes in 80% EtOH, cut callottes after 7  hours ans place eyes in 90% overnight. <br>Two changes of 95%. <br><tt>Three changes of 100% EtOH and then process.</tt><tt></tt> <p><tt>It takes quite awhile but anyone who looks at our eyes says they are amazing!</tt><tt></tt> <p><tt>Susan Wells</tt> <br><tt></tt>  <br>  <p>Sharon E Willman wrote: <blockquote TYPE=CITE>Hi, <br>I was wondering what your methods are for glutaraldehye fixed <br>canine and monkey eyes.  We find that the eyes are soft when <br>trying to trim.  We put windows in the day of necropsy and <br>approximately 24 hours later we trim the eyes.  Does anyone have <br>any suggestions as to their procedure on fixation of eyes and <br>trimming. <p>Thanks</blockquote> </html>
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