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Hi Ellen,
      I appreciate the answer, no matter how late. Unfortunately, I have only 
heard from 30 different labs. We all know there are more labs than that on 
Maybe people are still in denial.  Afraid to go to the boss???
Afraid to be replaced???  
When we wait too long, nerve damage HAPPENS, whether we deny it or not. 
Are you waking up at night in pain, fingers numb, tingling???
Better get help, because just resting every so often during the work day is 
not enough.
You all should have good health insurance, what are you waiting for?
Hope this wakes up some people.....
RetTek2000.......Happy to hear from anyone..........

 Hi!  I know this is really late, but we just completed an ergonomics 
 with a physical therapist. She had a lot of ideas for us.  Most importantly 
 chair height, foot position, arm-wrist-hand position, table height, and 
 getting up and moving around often, which does not necessarily interfere with
 work flow. Also, of course, the automatic (or semi) microtomes, and hand
 exercises. Also, ice packs if  you start feeling discomfort. We do have slide
 etchers and cassette imprinters. Another thing to point out is that we are a
 pharm research lab, and don't do nearly as much as clinical techs. It may be
 worth your while to bring someone like that in for an evaluation. She was 
 off and on for 3-4 weeks, videotaping and evaluating.  Probably the most
 difficult barrier is us old-timers who are very resistant to change! We have 
 the same thing for sooooo many years...why change now?  But just because we 
 not having any problems now, does not mean we won't in the future. And 
 may not seem directly related to an activity.
 Just some thoughts.  If you would like more specifics, let me know.
 Ellen wrote:
 > Histonetters:
 >            I appreciate all the e-mail from all the techs who are having
 > multiple problems. I didnt think we were suffering that much.
 >         There must be some labs out there that are doing things right.
 > Can I hear from you. Do you divide the embedding, cutting, coverslipping,
 > writing slides and other goodies that kill your hands.
 > Do you have slides that are prenumbered? Do you have a cassette numbering
 > machine? I know many labs have autostainers now, but what about
 > coverslipping?
 >          Someone wrote that variety would be the answer. Sounds good, but 
 > many of you are in small labs where you have to do it all yourself.
 >          I know the microtome is not the only answer, we must change the 
 > we work.
 >         I would like to hear from all techs, even if you do not have any
 > problem.    (YET)
 > Randi
 > RetTech2000

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