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Has anybody used any other vendors to get their tape besides Sakura?  We
have tried Klinipath Tape, and found our machine had trouble handling it.  I
know that Mercedes Medical has contacted me regarding their product.  Is
anybody using something different, and how have your results been?  Did you
need to make any changes regarding how much xylene was dispensed?

Thanking you in advance...

-Teri Johnson, HT(ASCP)
Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
Physicians Reference Laboratory
Overland Park, KS

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> > PS- If you use tape, are you considering switching
> > back to glass?
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> > Scott Taft HT(ASCP)
> > Tucson, AZ
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> Scott - we use tape, and will *never* go back to glass!  The sheer
> convenience of the tape system hugely outweighs any loss of
> optical clarity (which is negligible if your microscope is adjusted
> correctly).  No more 'blocks' of slides stuck together in the file, no
> more endless hours fiddling with coverslips and DPX, no more
> racks of slides drying in ovens, no more cleaning DPX off 40x
> objectives when a pathologist goes too close to the edge of a wet
> slide!   oh joy, oh rapture!! (**big grin**)
> Aidan
> ps do you get the feeling I rather like this system!?
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