Re: Clothing etiquette for the bench tech.

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Dear sara
Sounds like you guys had a power hungry inspector, we use  gloves in all 
areas, except at microtomes, most of us wear glasses anyway so irrelevant, 
gowns and gloves at workbench. My advice is to reply that the inspectors 
attitude regarding proffesional attire was inppropriate, you have no patient 
contact? right?As long as all employees are clean, neat, non ripped attire, 
proper tops and the right types of shoes, rubber bottom(sneakers),etc. Then 
it is at the discretion of the instiution to decide what attire is 
acceptable. The inspector missed the purpose of their job and the good-will 
it should provide,that is the need to support each other. Sorry you guys had 
to suffer.                                  Dana

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