Re: Clothing etiquette for the bench tech.

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Sara - our laboratory is a university research as well 
as service lab.  all of our techs wear FPPE in the 
grossing area and frozen section area or any other time 
they are working with fresh unfixed materials that are 
potentially infectious.  we do not wear gloves or lab 
coats while sectioning FFPE blocks.  We do wear coats 
and gloves while working with stains, encouraging eye 
protection as well in case of splashing.  If we are not 
wearing coats then we wear barrier aprons while staining 
or sectioning.  As far as the "blue jeans" go, our lab 
is allowed to wear jeans (not every day) when we choose 
to.  Most of us wear surgical scrubs because they are 
less expensive than regular clothes if something gets 
ruined.  As far as our docs - no one wears gloves or a 
lab coat while sitting behind their desk reading 
slides.  I would be steamed too!!! All of this is 
regularly inspected by our biological saftey office on 

amy s. porter, ht(ascp)
michigan state university

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