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From:"Tom T. McNemar" <>
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We are in Ohio and don not dispose of too many at one time.  When we do,
they are  put into a biohazard box and incinerated.

Tom Mc Nemar
Pathology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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> I am posting this for another laboratory.
> The clinical histology department is moving to a new laboratory.
> At this time they need to dispose of old microscope slides, 75 years
> worth.
> Enviromental Services claim these old glass slides are biohazardous and
> need to
> be placed in sharpes containers for disposal.  They refuse to remove them
> in
> the corrugated glass disposable containers.  We are located in the state
> of
> Wisconsin and particularly would like to hear from labs from this area.
> The
> questions are:
> 1)  Are these bioharzardous?
> 2)  Does the state have a statute pertaining to this?
> 3)  How do other labs in the state dispose of their slides?
> Thank you for all your help in advance.  
> Linda Kharitou thanks you.
> Carol Ann Bobrowitz
> Medical College of Wisconsin

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