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Never done it, but I'm pretty sure that HRP would be dead and buried by the
time you hit the counterstain, let alone dehydrated, coverslipped,
decoverslipped (is this a word?) rehydrated etc.

It's my understanding that 7-10 minutes exposure to H2O2 will kill
peroxidase activity, so the action of putting on your substrate signs its
death warrant.  You can extend the life of your HRP to half an hour or so,
by generating small amounts of H2O2 in situ using a glucose oxidase-glucose
adjunct to your subtrate, instead of H2O2.  Don't forget as well that the
HRP is probably buried as well under a pile of polymerized DAB, so were it
still active your substrate would have to get past this barrier too.

You might be able to reincubate with secondary and/or tertiary (assuming
some of your primary and/or secondary is still bound.  What I would do in
your situation is remove the coverslip, rehydrate and repeat the whole
procedure...or even better, start again on a new section


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It has been awhile but I have had the to remove coverslips from HRP stained
slides and it fades only slightly.  I did make sure it was a limited
exposure to xylene and watched for the coverslip to come loose.  Pam Marcum

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Does anyone know if the HRP survives the dehydrating process
when coverslipping?  ie. is it possible to de-coverslip an
'underdeveloped' slide, and re-incubate in DAB?  note: we have a
film coverslipper, so would be de-coverslipping in acetone - this
may be a negative factor!?


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