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Vector Labs makes a Mouse on Mouse kit for just such things as your problem. It uses the avidan-biotin system that the other Vector products use, and I've used it for a number of antibodies that were not working well using the Vector Elite mouse or rabbit kits. Definately cuts down on background staining. Give it a try, let us know if you have success.
Joyce Kotzuk, UNM pathology dept.

>>> Tamara Pereira <> 05/02/00 08:00AM >>>
Dear histonetters

Does anybody know of a supplier of alpha smooth-muscle-actin (aSMA) 
antibody in any animal other than mice?

In our lab we are trying to look at aSMA expression in mice by 
immunohistochem but we get a lot of background staining since our primary 
(anti-aSMA) antibody is raised in mice. The antibody works fine with other 
tissue (human, rat).  We are now searching for antibodies raised in other 
animals but have had no success so far.  Meanwhile we are trying to 
optimise our protocol to reduce the background (extra blocking etc), does 
anyone have any tips on how best to do this?

Tamara  Pereira,
Hepatic Fibrosis Group
Clinical Sciences Unit
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Ph: 7-3362-0173
Fax: 7-3362-0191

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