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I agree, some of us live in remote locations and employers don't mind
spending a little, but airfare can be tough to deal with. 


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Subject: missing a meeting? ... suggestion!

    There are many meetings I cannot attend, and I assume the same is true
many of us. I have a suggestion that seems like it could benefit the hosting
societies as well as broadening the spectrum of those who may benefit from
    Why not video tape the seminars and workshops. The tapes could then be
to those who could not attend to view at their leisure. The cost of the
could help defray the cost of the seminars or serve as fund raisers for the
hosting society.
    I, for one, would love to go to the seminar below, but I am sure I
could not
get to Phoenix any time soon. (I'm in Connecticut) Some people may also be
to convince their employers to loosen the purse strings enough to purchase
tapes for those who they could not send to the seminars. (Can't leave the
empty now can we??...yeah, we've all heard that one!)
    I am know watching a videotape is nowhere near the experience of
attending the meetings. So, I cannot imagine the availability of tapes
the attendance in a negative way. This should be profitable to all involved.
just something to think about
Amos Brooks wrote:

> The ASH 2000 and region 7 S/C will be a meeting that Histotechs from the
> won't want to miss. There will be something for everybody!
> Dates of the meeting are June 8-10 and the location is the DoubleTree
> Suites in Phoenix. Hotel reservations can be made by calling the
> at 602-225-0500.
> Program books have been mailed but if you need one contact Andi Grantham
> 520-626-4415 or Ethel Macrea 520-690-2739.
> Eighteen workshops will be presented -
> Basic Chemistry for the Histotechnician     Ada Feldman
> Musings of a Histotechnology Watcher            Jules Elias
> Safety & Compliance in the Laboratory           Jerry Fredenburgh
>     Biohazards to Toxic Chemicals
> The Histochemistry of the Hematoxylin           Jerry Fredenburgh
>     and Eosin Stain
> Automated Microtomy                         Sharon Lang
> Antibodies Two by Two                       Ethel Macrea
> How To Get A Job in the New Millenium       Renee Elias
>     Resumes & Job Interviews
> Hot Wax? It Depends on the Snow             Irene Dowms
>     Conditions
> Application of Basic Immunohistochemistry       April Esquibel
>     Plus New Technological Breakthroughs
>     In The Clinical Lab
> Idiosyncrasies Of Immunohistochemistry      Ethel Macrea
> Hypnotherapy And Stress Management          Nancy Selwin
> Internet Resources For Histotechnology      Patsy Ruegg
> The Future of Histotechnology                   Jules Elias
> What Color Were You Expecting?              Freida Carson
> FDA Regulations And The Clinical Laboratory Judith Frederick
> Basic Microscopy Fluorescence & Digital     Bob Chiovetti
>     Imaging
> Controlling Procedures                          Freida Carson
> Histotechnology Applications To Forensic        Dr. Mary Dudley
>     Pathology
> A Basic Understanding Of Molecular Biology  Ada Feldman
> Microwave Workshop                          Diane Miller
> In addition to these excellent educational programs our vendors are coming
> out in force to support ASH and to have on exhibit the latest
> and products for histotechnology. Those companies who have already
> for exhibit space are GTI Microsystems (Leica), IMEB, Surgipath, Shandon,
> PolyScientific, Richard Allan/MICROM, Dako, Mikron Instruments, Sakura,
> Evergreen, Statlab Medical Products, Anatech, Biogenex, Ventana, and
> CellMarque.
> Don't miss this opportunity to prepare for Histotechnology of the future!
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