RE: h.pylori stain

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From:Brown Alex <> (by way of Histonet)
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Hi Coni,
	We use a modified Cresyl Fast Violet. We came across the method in a
journal or paper a few years ago, unfortunately though the reference for it
disappeared a long time ago.  ( If anyone recognises this technique I would
appreciate the reference for it )
Hope it's not subject to Copyright :)

 Method :

 1) Sections to water
 2) Cresyl Violet solution			5 mins
 3) Rinse in water
 4) Rinse in 95% alcohol ( ethyl or methyl )
 5) Differentiate in Cresyl Violet Differentiator until -
	Nuclei		Violet
	Cytoplasm	Almost colourless
	Organisms	Deep Blue - Violet
 6) Rinse in absolute alcohol
 7) Clear and mount.

Solutions :

Cresyl Fast Violet - 	0.2% Cresyl Fast Violet Acetate in distilled water

Differentiator          -		95% alcohol		90 ml
			Chloroform		10 ml
			Glacial Acetic Acid	  3 drops ( we use a
disposable Pastette, so it's approx 0.15 ml )

	Alex Brown
	Crosshouse Hospital

From: Forney Constance M Civ 74 MDSS/SGSC
Subject: h.pylori stain
Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2000 6:12PM

Looking for a quick and easy (ha ha) but excellent stain for h. pylori.


Coni Forney, BS MT,HT(ASCP)
Technical Supervisor , Histopathology
USAF Medical Center
Wright Patterson, AFB, OH 45433

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