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ACLAR was discussed some time ago on the microscopy listserver. It was 
considered useful for growing and later sectioning cells in situ. Thermanox 
plastic coverslips are also used for that purpose. Cells grown on coverslips 
can also be processed and embedded. the coverslip usually comes off after 
placing it into liquid nitrogen.
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On Tuesday, May 02, 2000 10:07 PM, [] 
> Hi,
>     Has anyone used ACLAR (Ted Pella) to grow cell monlayers on (like
> coverslips) and then processed them for EM. Are there any other ways to do
> this ....I have just started looking into it. Also, if anyone has a protocol
> for H&E staining of Lowicryl I would appreciate borrowing it?
> Thank you, as usuall:
> Elizabeth

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