RE: To steam or to pressure cook??

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    I happen to have steamer microwave and autoclave in my lab. Started with
a generic microwave no turn table and found that even with a standard volume
temp and number of slides we had variation in some of our staining. Steamer
was next; easier to control temp and vary number of slides but still had
some variation in staining. Have progressed to a microwave by Energy Beam
Scientific with probe and bubbler, completely submerge the slides set the
temp to 95C [just below boiling at this altitude] and timer for 30minutes.
Staining has been more consistent and has made my life easier. I also use
hydrolytic autoclaving and autoclaving with distilled water for some of my
antibodies. My preference is a microwave that can have the temp and time
set---much easier on my gray hairs. 
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