RE: To steam or to pressure cook??

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We have had excellent results with the pressure cooker.  We use the
Decloaking chamber by BioCare.  Previous to this we used the microwave.  We
have not tried the steamer.

Jennifer MacDonald

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> Subject: 	To steam or to pressure cook??
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> First there was the microwave and all the fancy H.I.E.R. solutions you
> could use to zap those darn cross-links. 
> Then steamers and now pressure cookers (or do I have it reversed?) - or
> even pressure cookers IN microwaves.....I think I'll bring in my grill
> from home and see if I can drum up some business with it. 
> But, I would like to "hear" some discussion on steaming vs. pressure
> cooking those poor slides.  Do some antibodies do better with one method
> over another?  Do you have all 3 gizzmo's in your lab? 
> Thanks.

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