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History buffs of the US civil war may recall Gen. George Sickles of the
Union Army, who had his leg amputated after he was shot at the Battle of
Gettysburg. He requested the amputated leg be returned to him. It is highly
doubtful that consent forms were even considered then. 

Regardless, during his ensuing political career Sickle's leg would accompany
him to various gatherings where he would show it off as proof of his heroism
and sacrifice. He certainly got a lot of extra 'mileage' out of it! I think
the leg may now reside at the Walter Reed Army Hospital Medical Museum in
Washington, DC.

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> Subject: 	Return of Specimen to Patient
> Hi! I was wondering what others do when they receive a request for a
> specimen to be returned. I realize that there are many levels to this
> question. (e.g. are we talking about a gallstone - which we clean,
> disinfect
> and document return; or a placenta - which we release to a funeral home
> selected by the patient). I would appreciate input concerning how any
> requests you have received were handled, as well as where I may go to find
> any guidelines on this issue. Thanks for all your help!
> Sue O'Brien
> Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital
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> fax: 609-463-2747

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