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Oh, CryoJane is a wonderful thing!!!
The system includes tape which has an adhesive on it. This is attached to the
block, then the section is cut. The tape with the section is then applied to a
special slide and cured with a millisecond UV flash. The tape is peeled off and
the section is ON THAT Slide!  I cut 40 micron sections of skin for confocal
microscopy and we were losing sections at a great rate until I found Cryojane.
It also works wonders for things that crumble/split/etc.
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Marge Lehman 

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Forgive me but what is cyrojane tape? I have never heard of
it. Where can I get some?

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Hi Marie,
I have had an 1800 for several years and just recently encountered the same
problem. I thought that I might be pressing too hard using the CryoJane tape,
but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I also cut a variety of (sometimes
strange) things, so I considered that. When I get time I'm going to try
temperature changes.

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Subject:	Leica 1800 cryostat

I am looking for people who use or have used the Leica
1800 cryostat.  Have you had any problems with this
cryostat?  I have been using it in a Mohs surgery lab
for the last six months and have experience thick and
thin sections from time to time.  I can go back and
recut the sections later with no problem.  What is the
problem?  Please help if you can.

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