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I, too, have serious Latex issues, and have found a great source of
information to be the Spina Bifida Association (, if that
doesn't work, plug "Spina bifida" into any search engine, and it will pop
up).  They have a good little article about latex and the history of
reactions in SB patients, and a chart of products, both surgical and
household, which can potentially cause reactions.  I steered our employee
health latex advocate to the site, and the entire hospital had this list in
a few days.  It really is quite exhaustive.
Our hospital has gone "Latex Safe", which means all non-surgical gloves are
either nitrile or vinyl, depending on where you work (dietary uses vinyl to
handle food for example).  They keep trying to get the surgeons to switch,
but so far have had very little luck.  We have special procedures for latex
sensitive patients who require surgery, which are quite extensive.  In some
cases patients come to us because it is the only hospital that can
accommodate their problem!  As a latex sensitized histotech, it has made a
big difference in my ability to perform all aspects of my job, and I am very
thankful to the powers that be for doing all of this "just for me" :-> I can
put you in touch with our latex specialist if you would like.  I will need
to ask her if it is okay first, so e mail me back if you would like that.  I
also have quite a bit of info on the subject, but it is in the process of
being packed...
Fell free to contact me on or off the 'net at any time about latex, and that
goes for all of the histonetters,
Wanda Shotsberger
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I am in need of a source of information on latex sensitivity and latex
allergies.  We recently had two staff members have reactions to latex
and/or the powder in gloves.  I suggested we have an inservice or at least
information (kind of like an MSDS sheet) on what this is, how it manifests
and what to do if someone has a reaction.  We have been using other types
of gloves in the practice since these people had problems.  Thanks in

Sue Becker, HTL
Albany, NY

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