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In a message dated 5/9/00 3:45:01 PM, Alex.Brown at Crosshouse Hospital in 
Kilmarnock, Scotland describes a formula for Davidson's fixative as 

<< Industrial Meth Spirit ( 74OP )  2880 ml
Glacial Acetic Acid       200 ml
Formaldehyde ( 40% )          200 ml
Distilled Water           720 ml >>

We need a transatlantic translation here - is "industrial meth spirit" in the 
UK what is called S3DA denatured alcohol in the USA - ethanol denatured 
(rendered unfit for drinking) with 5% methanol, often with a further addition 
of 5% isopropanol for histologic use ("S3DA modified")?

Note that this formula does not have the same proportions as what the 
literature calls Davidson's fixative - it has much more alcohol.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Tennessee USA (where, true to our Scots heritage, we make better things to 

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