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1) I don't wish to fall out with my fellow Brit Russ Allison but I think he 
has given out the wrong information on Malta. All of Malta was awarded the 
GEORGE CROSS for heroism during World War 11, hence it is now known as the 
"George Cross Island".
On the medical side Malta is the home of Malta Fever (aka undulant fever or 
Brucellosis), and was once home to some Knight Templers. They were the ones 
wearing the Maltese Cross!

2) Someone asked about journals. Which journals you need to read depends a 
lot on your field and interests. The JOH is fine but has a lot of research 
stuff in it. If you work in the field of Surgical Pathology you may want to 
look over some of the surgical pathology journals that have cutting edge 
stuff in. I recommend "Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine" and  
"American Journal of Clinical Pathology." These journals will tell you what 
techniques are being used to make hard diagnosis.

Mike Titford
USA Medical Center
Mobile, AL.  

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