Large Animal Eye Fixation

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From:Keith Rogers <>
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If you must fix in Glut then post-fix in 60-70% ethanol for 24 hours. This 
will make the eye firm for trimming and reduce trimming artefact. Better 
still, do not make "windows" in the eye but inject a little fixative in at 
the time of necropsy. Try to maintain pressure inside the eye when 
trimming. Once one cut has been made, place your thumb over the open half 
and maintain the pressure (and shape) while the second side is removed.

The fixative of choice for eyes (all sizes) is Davidsons, change eyes into 
70% ethanol after 24-48  hours, depending on size. Some people also use 
Bouin, it all depends on what you are looking at. For general toxicology 
purposes, you will probably need to keep the retina attached to the back of 
the eye. Davidsons does this nicely.

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