Journals and Malta

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Thanks again for the info about Journals. It seems like a lot of you are 
interested in our little island. If I may, I'd like to give you a brief outline.

It is true, we were given the George Cross by the British in World War II.
We were then a colony.
The Maltese Cross came from the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem who were the 
governing body at the time of the Great Seige against the Turks in the 16th 
century. They were the architects who fortified the island with bastions which 
are mostly intact to this day.
We do have a Maltese language which is mostly derived from Arabic and Latin, 
but most Maltese can speak English and Italian very fluently.
We have such a colourful History, dating back to Neolithic times, I wouldn't 
know how to make a summary of it.
The only solution is to visit.
If you look Malta up in an atlas, it is just a dot in the middle of the 
Mediterranean, just below Sicily (Italy).

I hope I satisfied the curiosity of those who asked. My apologies to those who 
are not in the least interested.

St. Luke's Hospital

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