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Please contact the person at the end of the post, not me, as I am posting at
the request of someone without access.  Thank you.
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> Supervisor:  Histology and Microscopy Laboratory;  College of Optometry;
> University of Houston, Texas
> Job Description:
> This position is in direct support of research and teaching faculty
> where the subject of interest is typically ocular and neural tissue. The
> duties range from tissue preparation, embedment, sectioning and
> mounting, to operation of light and transmission electron microscopes,
> and development and printing of photographic results.  Knowledge and
> competency in operation of ultramicrotomes and the transmission electron
> microscope as well as current techniques in morphology, histology, and
> immunocytochemistry is required. Experience with cryo-microscopy, in
> situ hybridization, and computer image analysis is desirable. The
> successful candidate also may participate as co-author of research
> papers describing research performed in the laboratory.
> The supervisor is responsible for maintenance of stocks of laboratory
> supplies and care of the equipment, and keeping the lab clean and
> usable, including proper disposal procedures for hazardous wastes. Other
> duties include instructing graduate students in common and specialized
> anatomical techniques required for their various projects, and
> supervision and consultation on their work as required. Some effort also
> is applied to teaching of undergraduate optometry students including
> preparation of teaching slides and technical instruction in anatomical
> methods.
> This job is scheduled to begin on 1 May 1999.  Salary will be negotiated
> based upon qualifications and experience.  For further information, you
> may contact:
> Chris Kuether, Technical Services Manager
> College Of Optometry, University Of Houston
> 4901 Calhoun Blvd. Houston TX 77204-6052
> vox:(713)743-2049 fax:--2053;

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