HELP! blocking stuborn endogeous peroxidase

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From:LaCinda Burchell <>
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Hello Histonet,
  I am in the habit of quickly glancing through the headlines of histonet,
and deleting everything not of immediate interest to me and my work.  Now I
am a bit sorry that I have not printed down some of the wisdom shared in
this forum.  I know that some of you have been kind enough to give details
of how to block endogenous peroxidase which doesn't yeild to the standard
methanol H2O2 method.  Would you please be kind enough to share your
methods with me .....again?     thank you in advance for your advice!
Cindy B.

LaCinda Burchell, HT
General Clinical Research Center
University of Wisconsin Madison, Medical School
600 Highland Ave,
Madison, WI 53792
608- 262-3518

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