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I thought of this of course after I deleted the message so this is for the
Histotech that has the technician that is leaving and wants a unique gift
for them.

What about a histo survival kit you could go serious and put in: disposable
blades, small bag of paraffin, slides, coverslips, or other various things
we use in the lab


Go goofy with things like: make a paraffin hand (fill glove with paraffin
solidify) tape a note to it saying "Helping hand", Spell out letters with
tissue (take unused tissue ready for disposal and carve letters, process
and embed them in paraffin cut them and put on slides spell out "Farewell"
or something like that mix the slides up on the tray and make up a bogis
report to go with it that has his/her name on it but under the Microscopic
have everyone express how they will fill when this person is gone and under
diagnosis say something like Wishing you well. Have one of or all of the
pathologists and/or technicians make a tape of funny things that have
happened in the lab over the years. If you have someone that does
impressions have them do a funny dictation, my favorite is Mr Rogers does
dictation. Make some kind of ornament or mobile out of lab materials.

That is about all I can come up with for now. Hope this helps. Have fun
with it if the person has a good sense of humor.

Good Luck,
Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)

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