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From:"Jacques Paysan" <paysan@Uni-Hohenheim.DE>
To:"HistoNet Server" <>
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Dear All,

We have started to construct a website at .
The intention of this site is to finally provide an evaluated list of
interesting and useful links for molecular biology and
histology/microscopy-related research.  It was initiated by a list of
favourites which became quite popular in our lab, but which is far from
being complete.

We would greatly appreciate suggestions for links to include, best (but not
nessessarily) with a brief comment about what the interesting points of the
suggested sites are.

Thank you very much for your contributions in advance.


Jacques Paysan, PhD
University of Hohenheim
Institute of Physiology 230
Garbenstrasse 30
D-70593 Stuttgart

Phone: ++49-711-459.22.67
Fax:  ++49-711-459.37.26

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