warthin vs steiner

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From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@msu.oscs.montana.edu>
Date:Wed, 24 Mar 1999 12:13:04 -0700

After struggling with a Warthin Starry and trying to do 30 slides in a day
with that stain, Steiner and Steiner won hands down  ala Peggy Wenk's
protocol, a pretty basic procedure.  I now do them in bulk for Helicobacter
felis using a waterbath instead of MW.  I would use MW IF I had fewer slides
to deal with, but like the 1 hour intervals to do other things.  Found it
less messy, easier to control, and gorgeous staining without crummy
background problems.  Pays to have a good positive control, though.

Gayle Callis

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