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From:Jim Ball <xryhisto@ovis.net>
Date:Thu, 18 Mar 1999 16:16:16 -0500
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was wondering if I might be able to pick up some pointers on what I refer to
as worthless-starry procedure. I have no problem staining the organism, but
find the over all staining of the tissue as being my back ground stain( the
actual gold to brown counter stain imparted by the sliver) to be less than
desirable. I ran 5 positive control slides today and developed them for the
same length of time in a glass coplin jar.
the color contrast ran the gamit from 1 slide staining perfectly to 2 slides
being marginaly acceptable to 2 slides being total worthless(hinse my pet
name for the stain). I have found the imprenation step  to be the most
improtant to maintaining the organisms distintive shape.
         I guess the thing that concens me the most is that the mucus
producing areas of the biopsy seems to get overly dark and may cause false
negative results since in cases where there are only a few organisms present
these dark staining areas could mask the organism, and cause a false
negative report to be generated.
         Please foward all formulas for cleaning glass ware as this may be
the problem and many of my fellow techs seem to think that rinsing the glass
ware in several changes of DI will cure all. I am of the opinion that
disposable plastic is the way to go. My best results were obtained using the
plastic disposable urine containers and Plastic slide mailers. The slide
mailers were used only one time and then recyled as what other than slide
mailers after being thourghly disenfected.
          After writing this I may have come up with something else to try,
god it helps to pour out your heart to a caring audiance, if only you could
despense a drink over the net what great bartenders we would make. Hope I
have made enough speeling errors for all the speelin bee weenies out there
In the words of that great actor" frankly Scarlet I don,t give a damn." The
day has been way to long and I need that dink I was talking about earlier.

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