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From:Sandy Julsing <>,
Date:Sat, 27 Mar 1999 08:21:53 -0600
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   How do you warm your forceps for embedding?  Even if GI biopsies are fixed on time, processed gently and oriented carefully, if a flame or incinerator (400 degrees!) are used to embedd and you go directly from these over heated sources to your tiny unsuspecting gastric biopsy, you can sizzle you tissue instantly.
    Just a thought!

>>> Kathleen Hollenbeck <> 03/25 10:41 pm >>>
We process our GI biopsies on a short cycle using a VIP tissue
processor.  Our results are not consistent.  Somedays we experience a
lot of microchatter and other days we do not.  We receive specimens from
out-patient locations in addition to our in-house surgical specimens.

Any helpful hints will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Kathleen Hollenbeck
Histology Supervisor
Sunrise Hospital
Las Vegas, NV

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