frozen brain cell pellet

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Date:Tue, 30 Mar 1999 13:57:21 -0500
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Kelly asked how to maintain her brain cell pellet frozen for cryosectioning.

 If you have to freeze the cells in the centrifuging step Instrumedics has
an embedding medium which freezes at -10deg.Celsius. It is an oil that we
keep in a thermostatted bath in the cryostat so that it is at -8deg and
liquid. The frozen tissue or pellet will not melt when you place it in the
oil in an embedding mold. You then freeze the oil and the tissue inside the
cryostat The frozen oil sections well.

The cold, liquid oil is also an excellent way to avoid dehydration of the
tissue during storage in a freezer. The oil is brushed on the surface of the
block and the block will be protected from dehydration for many months.

The oil is also used to repair a damaged block without melting the tissue.

The Protective Oil Accessory Kit is an option when the CryoJane system is

If you want more details please contact Instrumedics.


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