Tissue storage

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From:"Schray, Carrie" <Carrie.Schray@wl.com>
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Date:Tue, 16 Mar 1999 10:09:25 -0500
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I saw on the Histonet your response to Ian Montgomery about tissue storage.
Sometimes we have studies that require Immunohistochemistry or In-situ on
tissues (animal) later in the process.  We have been fixing our tissues for
no longer that a week in 10%NBF, and then transferring them into 60%
Ethanol.  Usually, depending on our workload they only are in alcohol for a
few days, but this has given us problems with certain tissues and really
dries them out. Would you have any suggestions about something other than
60% Ethanol to store them in after fixation, or would your PBS solution
work?  How much H2 gas is formed with that?  We store our tissues in Bitran
bags (like a ziplock), and I wondered what, if anything, problems may occur.
Carrie Schray  HT(ASCP)
Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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