Thanks....and another question!

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From:Deborah Faichney <>
To:"'histonet'" <>
Date:Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:09:06 +0000
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Hello again, 

Many thanks to all who posted replies to my question on processing fish
tissues.  I will certainly be trying out a few variations in the near

I have another query, this time on behalf of a student working in my lab.
She is processing Sea 
Bass and Atlantic Salmon gonads from Neutral buffered formalin into parrafin
wax and then staining with a routine H&E.  She would like to be able to
differentiate the variety of
 stages of development of their cells and membranes.  
A former student, working with plastic embedded material,  has used a
polychrome stain which is unidentified.  The majority of which looks like a
Periodic Acid Schiff, using Bromophenol blue in 95% ethanol between the
Schiff's and Haematoxylin.

Any ideas???

Debbie Faichney
University of Stirling


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