TUNEL staining

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From:LINDA MARGRAF MD <LMARGRAF@childmed.dallas.tx.us>
Date:Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:12:55 -0600

Dear Histonetters:
I have been asked to help one of our researchers set up in-situ end labeling or TUNEL staining for apoptosis in human autopsy brain. 
I have only a limited experience in doing the procedure and when we did it in the past we used homemade reagents and skipped the kit.  My largest concern is with the nature of the tissue we would be using tin this project. The brains (mostly fetal and infant) are fixed for 1-2 weeks in 20% formalin prior to processing and paraffin embedding. Does anyone know if this amount of fixation will create too much DNA fragmentation to invalidate the procedure. I would also love to hear from anyone doing this procedure about kits or methods they have found helpful.
Linda M
Histonet administrator
Associate Professor of Pathology
Southwestern Medical School


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