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From:Donna Carr <>
To:"Patterson, Noelle" <PattersonN@NMRIPO.NMRI.NNMC.NAVY.MIL>, "'Histonet'" <>
Date:Sun, 28 Mar 1999 13:50:28 -0600
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Hi,  I do know that Fischer Scientific sells Tissue Tek supplies,  I am at home
and do not have the number, plus I think maybe they sold out to someone.  I will
check monday and try to get back to you ASAP.    Good Luck

Patterson, Noelle wrote:

> Hi all,
> Help, I need to spend our supply money or lose it, and only 1 week to spend
> it!
> I just spent a frustrating 10 minutes on the phone with an Allegiance
> Healthcare Customer service representative.  I was trying to get current
> pricing information from them, and she "could not" give me this information
> without an account number (which I am not authorized to generate/get).  I
> was able to determine that they no longer carry several Tissue-Tek items.
> Can someone tell me who is distributing the following products (I know
> Sakura Finetek is the "current" manufacturer of these products, but they
> won't sell to us directly)?  Specifically,  Accu-Edge low profile disposable
> microtome blades, Tissue-Tek Lubrication kit, Tissue tek white and green
> staining dishes (I don't need the whole rack, just a few replacement
> dishes), and Tissue-tek slide staining holders.
> I am also looking for a quick-drying xylene-based mounting media to use with
> glass coverslips on DAB/Alkaline Phosphatase (predominantly DAB)
> immunohistochemistry tissue slides.  I used to use Baxter's Accumount- but
> that has finally run out.  I was planning on purchasing Cytoseal 60 low
> viscosity.  Are people happy with this media?  What are other suggestions?
> I usually need to look at the slides within an hour or two from
> coverslipping.
> I apologize for any repetitiveness of this post to the histonet, but I am in
> an odd circumstance of a use-or-lose your money and would like to get these
> supplies to hold us over while the $ is still there.  The money needs to be
> spent within the next week, so I would appreciate prompt replies.
> Thanks a bunch ,
> Noelle Patterson
> Naval Medical Research Center
> Bethesda, Md

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