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From:Laurence Reilly <>
To:Roy Ellis <>
Date:Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:30:44 +1000
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G'day Roy and thanks for your reply. We also have a multi viewing head like
the one you described. Ours is part of a BH2 teaching mic for 5 persons.
Last year I did use this head on our video mic and it was wonderful, great
image and an arrow driven with a joy-stick, but this meant that the 5
header was out of action.

We could buy another of these heads from Olympus but it is frustrating to
think that we have to pay so much (approx $2000) for this and it includes
all the prisms, mirrors, lenses etc which are part of the system to
transmit light to the extra viewing heads. I was hoping someone may have
known of a simple unit which had just the arrow. From the other replies I
have received so far this is not the case.

      Regards Laurie.

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