Re: Grocery store dyes

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From:Bonnie Whitaker <>
To:Mark & Carrie Byrne <>, histonet <>
Date:Fri, 26 Mar 1999 09:19:17 -0600
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Hi Everyone!

While I agree with what has been said about the lot-to-lot variablility,
etc., I can still see merrit in this procedure under certain
circumstances..... for use with students, where money is in short supply,
you could pop in the grocery store, and get enough dye for the whole class
to use..... also in a pinch, it might be worth it to run this procedure
until your back-ordered scientific dye came in (when you would then repeat
and make sure the results were the same).  Everyone always runs controls
that they know and use regularly, right?  Therefore if the control isn't
"good", you won't release the slides....

I just had to play "The Devil's Advocate",

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From: Mark & Carrie Byrne <>
To: histonet <>
Date: Thursday, March 25, 1999 6:40 PM
Subject: RE: Grocery store dyes

> this discussion now begs the question....why on earth did the J of
>Histo publish this paper in the first place?  i have come to trust in the
>journal to publish papers that are scientifically sound and appropriate to
>use in a clinical or research setting....and i don't believe this procedure
>is (particularly after reading posts from dick dapson and john kiernan).
>dick pointed out....i certainly wouldn't want to be the poor soul going
>before the judge in the malpractice case!

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